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The trusted prepaid travel card

Limited time offer: You could double your holiday money**

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Use your own funds to load foreign currency for your travels. And have peace of mind knowing you’re spending safely and have the backing of Mastercard.

Know what you’ve got to spend

Lock in exchange rates~ each time you load in up to 10 foreign currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, NZD, JPY, THB, CAD, HKD, SGD, AED. Or load AUD to use worldwide.


Shop like a local

$0 initial load fee and $0 card issue fee. Plus no international transaction fees on purchases when you load and transact in the same currency.


Travel the world with one card

You receive a physical card, and can use it as you would any other Mastercard card worldwide – in-store, online, or to withdraw local currency at ATMs.


Peace of mind while overseas

24/7 Global Support always means we're always there to help if your card is lost, stolen or damaged, and can replace your card quickly or provide you with emergency cash, wherever you may be+.

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Running low on travel money?

Cash Passport Platinum is reloadable, allowing you to top-up any of your currencies, anywhere, anytime.

You can reload online in three ways:

  • Transfer funds from Debit Card (instant)
  • Bank transfer (1 business day)
  • BPAY (up to 2 business days)

If you purchase your card in-store, you can reload in-person at your original place of purchase.


Keep track of your travel money

You can use your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC to login to 'My Account' and stay in control of your travel money.

Register for 'My Account', so you can:

  • Track your spending
  • Reload your card
  • Transfer between currencies
  • Retrieve your PIN number
  • Suspend your card temporarily
  • Cash out your remaining balance

You can also download the Cash Passport mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices.

Stop lining up, start experiencing more

Enjoy the freedom of ultra-fast contactless payments, with Tap & Go at retail stores, restaurants, convenience stores and more.

Wherever you see the universal contactless symbol, your Cash Passport Platinum is ready to go.

Traveling to London? You can even use your Cash Passport Platinum to tap on and off the London Tube, never having to line up again.

Travel with confidence

Spend securely as your Cash Passport Platinum is protected by CHIP and PIN. 

Cash Passport Platinum is secured by Mastercard Zero Liability protecting you against unauthorised and fraudulent transactions, should your card ever be reported lost or stolen.

We're here to help

We're only a call or email away at all times. Our global assistance team will help you if your card is lost, stolen or damaged.

We can replace your card quickly or provide you with access to emergency cash, so you can keep enjoying your holiday.

Need further help?

View our frequently asked questions or feel free to contact us.

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Cash Passport™ app

The Cash Passport app makes managing your travel money faster, easier and even more secure. 

  • Secure and easy access with Touch ID

    Get fast and easy access to your Cash Passport app by using Touch ID. The new fingerprint recognition feature operates using highly secure biometrics and is an easy alternative to using your online password. Even lock or unlock a misplaced card for added protection.

  • Track your activity on the go

    Be smart about your money. Monitor all of your activity, whether you’re reloading or transferring funds, it’s all accounted for here in one simple, secure place allowing you to stay up to date with transactions and card spending. Plus includes integrated support screen for frequently asked questions.

  • Move between currencies

    Move money between your currencies with just a couple of taps – it’s that simple! Quickly move money between 11 currencies, including EUR, USD, SGD, CAD and GBP and spend more time enjoying your holiday.

Eco certified cards

Concerned about your environmental impact?

The Cash Passport Platinum card is made from 100% recycled PVC. You’ll know your helping to reduce the environmental impact of your wallet when you see the Card Eco Certification imprint on your Cash Passport card.

Priceless Planet Coalition

Mastercard established its sustainability efforts more than a decade ago, and continues to develop programs that help consumers contribute to the future of the planet, such as the Priceless Planet Coalition